North Texas Woman Embarks on Life in Tiny House

Woman builds a 112-square-foot, $25,000 home

In the land of big homes, Beth Ann Norrgard’s home is about the size of a nice tool shed; and she says that is all that she needs.

Norrgard’s 112-square-foot house is complete with a kitchen and bathroom, each 2 feet by 4 feet in size. The living room will have bookcases and there will be a desk that can lower and serve as a bench. A ladder leads to the loft bedroom, complete with skylight, a stained-glass window and enough room for a queen bed.

“I was just ready for a life change,” said Norrgard, a former paralegal. “I felt the life that I was leading was sort of circular. I was going to work to get a paycheck to buy things to put in a house and I wasn’t satisfied with that lifestyle anymore.”