High-tech meets low-tech in tiny house movement

By Blake Snow is a content writer and adviser from Provo, where he lives with his family.

Going mainstream isn’t the point, Hickman said. “The McMansion isn’t going anywhere, but I think more and more Americans will continue to take interest in what’s being called right-sizing. This doesn’t mean we’ll see an uptick in folks selling everything, going off the grid and moving into extremely small mobile homes. It’s more about gradual downsizing, reassessing all our stuff, and making housing choices that are more appropriate for modern lifestyles.”

“If tiny houses aren’t the wave of the future, they’re definitely a big ripple on the wave,” Shafer said. “A lot of people are tired of being shoehorned into more space than they need. As long as that continues to be the case, this small house thing seems destined to get bigger.”

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