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NEWS! – March 5, 2014

I’m in the process of creating a video to solicit funds on Indiegogo to create a weekly TV show on the whole Tiny House movement. I’m in the process of engaging A&E, Lifetime and the History Channel. If this fails, I will create a weekly YouTube video on our soon to be released Cottage and Land YouTube channel.

The goal is to go out and find people who want to live in a Tiny House or cottage and try to do this for $50K or less. This will include the cost of the cottage and land. The weekly program will show the ups and downs of what it takes to get your dream home. Hopefully more ups than downs!

There are too many people out there where owning a home is out of reach because of spiraling healthcare costs, lower wages, less career opportunities, energy costs, education costs, etc., etc. Check out our About page for more reasons to live humbly.

It’s time to make this into a revolution of the whole home building industry.

We will begin by filming the construction of a cottage on land I already purchased in Colorado. The goal is to see what works and doesn’t work with the goal to perfect the process.

On a side note, using Peer-to-peer financing like Prosper and the Lending Club will also be an option for people who have income to fund their own project.

Stayed tuned!

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